021 | Quantum Breaking

Quantum Break - Podcast


Hello and welcome,
This week we direct our focus on the latest release in the Trackmania series Trackmania TURBO and Sykmyn grabbed Remedy’s new game Quantum Break.

 01:40 – Trackmania Turbo : Trials HD crossed with car racing, Trackmania Turbo is the latest in the series that has finally made it way to consoles. We talk about the good and the bad in this port to console and more importantly, if developer Nadeo has utilized the Xbox One Social platform and implemented good co-op fun?

20:18 – Quantum Break: Sykmyn picked up Quantum Break and we will find out if Remedy has delivered on the hype this game had when the Xbox one was being revealed. We will find out how it compares to their previous titles like Alan Wake and Max Payne ( The Original not Rockstar’s MaxPayne3).


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