023 | Pocket Monsters in the Wasteland

Pokemon Wasteland 2 and Elder Scrolls Legends Card Game


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This week we begin our journey into the Pokemon GO hype train and see where it take us. We discuss Ori and the Blind Forest, a amazing platformer and Des talks about his experience in the world of Shadow Run: Dragonfall.

 03:10 – No Man’s Sky : The game that has been hyped for years is finally out and public opinion is mixed. We talk about how this survival / exploration game made by a 4 person team has caused discussions in the gaming community and Sykmyn ( Having no PS4 or PC ) his impressions watching Hours of gameplay.

09:32 – Wasteland 2: In the dry season it’s time to revisit older games on the playlist, this time around that means Wasteland 2, an isometric turn based RPG with old school sensibilities that was kickstarted quite a while ago.. how does the Xbox One version play? Listen to find out!

21:00 – Elder Scrolls : LEGENDS : Que is in the BETA for ES:Legends and gives his opinions on this new Card game set in the Elders Scroll universe. With a market full of CCG’s will this one stand up on its own or get lost in the noise? Find out!

30:00 – Rainbow 6 Seige: Skull Rain : The Latest FREE DLC for Rainbow 6 siege doesn’t just come with a new map and 2 exciting new characters, but it also comes with a patch fixing a laundry list of bugs, improvements and a new features.  With many hours behind his belt, Queball talks about these changes and his experience in the Rio based Map.

45:55 – Nintendo 3Ds; Pokemon X/Y: Got to catch-em all, or at least try to. After the Pokemon GO phenomina, Quey wanted to try a real Pokemon game, so with the help of Sykmyns trusty 3Ds and a copy of Pokemon X/Y, his mission to become a Pokemon master took one step closer.. find out his experiences in todays episode!


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