fallout 4

017 – Star, Siege and Nuclear Wars

fallout 4
This week we play all new releases that take us in to Wars of all kind, from the stars, to terrorists and finally nuclear.

 1:10 – One of the most awaited games of the past year, Starwars : Battlefront has been on many is not most peoples wishlist and it is safe to say that many of the copies will not be returned to the store as it brings in the action packed First Person or 3rd Person shooter fun, with the nostalgia of the Star wars Franchise into one nice little package. Whether you want to fight as Luke, or join the Darkside with Vader, Battlefront gives you a variety of character and play options even though the modes can feel quite similar.

17:05 – You’ve made a plan – your team has surrounded the building – charges are placed – drones deployed – heart is racing.. you are ready to breach. {BOOM} The smoke clears and now you need to make your way to the destination. Disarm that bomb, rescue that hostage. This could be you if you grab a copy of Rainbow 6 : Siege. This Cop vs Terrorist Realistic FPS shooter has endless hours of fun being the good and bad guy as you try to win against a opposing armored team. Que discusses his initial impressions and what to expect in the latest of Tom Clancy’s tactical game series.

28:10 – Fallout 4 : Crawl out through the fallout baby, and grab this game. You won’t regret it. Sykmyn and Que talk about their first 3 weeks in this post-apocalyptic wasteland that will take over any of your free-time that you have. This vast open world is beautiful and terrifying at the same time, so come along and join us on this discussion.

Check out Queball’s Spotify Fallout 4 Playlist. A collection of some of the best songs you will hear while exploring the wasteland.

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