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024 | The Augmented Hellrunner

Seum Deus Ex Valley Games


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This week we have new games, new equipment, new segment and new sign-offs. All things new in this episode so grab yourself a coffee, sit down and enjoy.

 01:35 – Deus Ex – Mankind Divided : Gone is the yellow filter and triangles, but is that all that has changed in the world of Jensen and his Augmentations? It is 2 years after the incident and a separation of humans and augmented has begun, but how does this game changed compared to its predecessor? Syk and Q dive deep into this question.

11:55 – SEUM – Speedrunner from hell : A Doom / Quake Jump-mod inspired first person speed-running game, set in a world where Satan has stolen your beer, and you jump into hell and are on the hunt to get it back! This time-trial / speed-running game is backed by a great soundtrack that is reminiscent to the Doom series and SEUM will bring you fun, frustration and nostalgia all in one game. They say its Quake Crossed with Super Meat Boy!


19:05 – Valley : An eclectic, beautiful game full of life and movement that will make you wonder why more games aren’t just fun to run and jump around in. Take a ride in the L.E.A.F suit for an experience that borrows jewels from many great games like Bioshock, Dear Ester and Portal and smooshes them together into a sauce that is at times awe inspiring and other times just plain odd.

32:05 – TitanFall 2 BETA : Titanfall is coming, and so has the BETA. The first Titanfall was only a partial success so Que jumps in to see what improvements the Titanfall Team have made to ensure the 2nd in the franchise out sells and competes with its competitors, mainly Battlefield 1 coming out the same month.

46:50 – NEWS!

Olympic Games – Japan’s PM dressed as Mario at closing ceremony. Could Pro gaming be a sport in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics?

Witness is coming to Xbox One

Dear esther Xbox One Landmark Edition

PlayStation NOW coming to PC!

Niantic wants Pokemon go contact lense integration- is it possible? Too late? . Also want partner with big stores. Bring people to Parks that need cleaning ect.

Free Xbox Games Xbox 360 – Mirrors Edge / Forza Horizon

Free Xbox Games Xbox One – Earthlock / Assassins Creed Chronicles

No Man’s Sky getting a lot of hate. Overhyped? Promised too much? People overreacting?


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