Welcome to the Caffeine Coop podcast, come and join us for a coffee (or tea) as we discuss the latest in cooperative gaming and share our experiences with the games & culture thriving in the modern world.

The Lost Episode 1.0: Borderlands 2 Mix (Intro)

COOP_PODCASTDue to circumstances beyond our control ( A.k.a. Sheer Laziness ), Episode 5 of Caffeine Coop will not be uploaded. But for your enjoyment we have posted up the Intro track for what we will call future mishaps and failures as……The Lost Episodes.

005 – Clipped Wings

COOP_PODCASTNew crisp sound! An even more belated recording! Everything you could want from the coop podcast – you are compelled to listen!

Notes from this episode:
Minecraft In Minecraft – A redstone 2-D Platformer minecraft style game.
Mineception – Another Minecraft in Minecraft but this time the buttons move the worlds floor showing a 2d Minecraft platformer on your Hand held Map.
Minecraft Pong – Pong In Minecraft

IndieGameMovie – Go checkout the masterminds of these indie developers

Battlefield 3: Armored Kill Breakdown by Kilophile


004 – Bewitched By Payne Killers

COOP_PODCASTIn this belated podcast we discuss THE PAST, with the Witcher 2 Xbox 360 Edition, Queball draws conclusions from his experiences with the newest addition to the Max Payne franchise + Trials and Syk tries to avoid spoilers while sharing his thoughts on FEZ the new 8bit platforming puzzler.

003 – Don’t Fear The Reapers

COOP_PODCASTIn this slightly longer podcast, we recap the House Party XBLA Titles, Syk tries to get to the bottom of the Quake Live Mod Hacks and we go into a longer than need be review of Mass Effect 3.

002 – The Past, Present & Future

COOP_PODCASTWherein we discuss the first addition to the Xbox Live House Party promotion (2012) aptly named “Warp”, newly announced and upcoming games + their previous counterparts as well as off-topic banter of no consequence. So grab a coffee (or tea) and join us for a discussion about all things gaming & gaming culture.

001 – Bastion

COOP_PODCASTWelcome to the beginning, the half horrible, grainy, slightly interrupted beginning of the Caffeine Coop podcast. This episode we discuss Bastion (the highly reguarded XBLA game), widely controversial ideas about the Call of Duty franchise and more with Queball & Syk. So grab a coffee (or tea) and join us for a discussion about all things gaming & gaming culture.