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014 – The Skate Mistake

This week we talk about Tom Clancy’s upcoming FPS Team Hostage shooter Rainbow six : Siege BETA, we discuss the issues plaguing Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5, have a quick chat about the new Xbox One Elite controller, and recap upcoming releases

013 – Sofas & Fultons.

This week we recap our BigBoss adventures over the last 2 weeks in the Afgani desert and cover the -Metal Gear Online- announcement and Queball gives his initial impressions of -Forza 6- and discuss comparisons to Car Racing games of generations past.

010 – Xbox None

Since our Xbox One’s have been dedicated Blueray players due to the lack of any decent games to date, on this episode we focus on PC and Xbox 360 titles – including Dark Souls 2, Dayz Beta & a little bit more!  

008 – Election Day Gaming

Wherein we voted for a plethora of new and AMAZING Australian political jokes and also played some games, mostly to forget about the aforementioned jokes – Including Simcity 5 now native on the Mac, Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons (NOT a coop game – but kind of a one controller single person/two people game) […]

Podcast/ Dig Me Out

DIG OUT those old Compact Discs, wipe off the dust and sit back and relax as Tim Minneci and Jason Dziak help you discover the lost, forgotten and overlooked albums from College, Indie, Alt and Hard Rock of the 90’s. These two former College Djs’s, Band members and Finally friends combine their knowledge and influences […]

EarSkinz Review

If you own a Apple portable device like a iPhone or iPod, you would no doubt know about the latest update to the design and form of Apple Earpods. Love it or hate it, the Earpod do offer a good sound quality for stock headphones and for $35AUD they do make the best choice when […]

The Coffee Break Podcast #1 – Xbox One

In this inaugural Episode of Coffee Break we focus on the Microsoft’s Xbox One Reveal. Warning. This episode is fraught with snares, inaccuracies, errors and more! So join us for a quick chat over a cup of coffee on the happenings in worldwide technology and games culture this week. See corrections and clarifications below; **Blu-ray […]

007 – Bow & Arrow

Wherein we discuss the dark and gloomy, but engaging and gun-full epic Dead Space 3, the head splitting guttural screams emanating from the pit of Tomb Raiders stomach and more! Including Far Cry 3 spoilers, Dishonoured recap and the final Battlefield 3 map pack – was it really worth it?