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Hello and welcome,
This week we begin our journey into the Pokemon GO hype train and see where it take us. We discuss Ori and the Blind Forest, a amazing platformer and Des talks about his experience in the world of Shadow Run: Dragonfall.

 02:00 – Ori and the Blind Forest : Des picked up this well crafted and visually beautiful platformer and we both have to agree that it is one well designed game that was made with love. The story although easily lost does not compare to the fun and feeling of the crisp, clean platforming.

11:17 – Shadowrun – Dragonfall: Que and Des talk role playing games and this is a great one you can pick up on the cheap and that will give you a great time in the familiar high fantasy/blade runner world of Shadowrun. Essential for anyone who loves reading and dense (sometimes too dense) turn based strategy over an intriguing story.

19:30 – Pokemon Go: Got to catch-em all, or at least try to. We discuss the explosion of this new game that seems to have caught the whole world overnight.  We can defiantly agree that this is one for the future of pop-culture history, one that we might never see again.


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