020 – Darkzone Desires

The Division Coop Review


Hello and welcome,
This week we direct our focus on Ubisoft’s long waited release: The Division. We dabble a bit on Tharsis and Hand of Fate but really the only thing anyone has been talking about is the Division.

 01:40 – Tharsis : A RNG based indie released space game, Tharsis brings to us some interesting concepts along with some annoying quirks. Que picked up Tharsis last month, so lets see what he has to say. Quickly *ahem* Division.

05:40 – Hand Of Fate: Hand Of Fate came out last year from the Australian based Defiant Development and was a Free download in the Xbox store for February. We gave this game a crack with different opinions. Is it a button bash game? Its a Heathstone type card game? Is it both? Tune in and find out. Quickly. *ahem* Division.

09:25 – The Division: It is finally here. After years of waiting, delays and promises, we get to press play and enter the world in the aftermath of a smallpox epidemic. We go in-depth on how this Ubisoft title has delivered and sometimes under-delivered on its promises over the years.  We discuss how the AI interacts with players, How the weapon and cover-system feels, a few bit and bobs of our general game play experience, and finally, the DARKZONE.


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