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This week the attention is focused on Sykmyn as catches up and we cover some older titles on our gaming rotation during the Christmas break.

 01:34 – Alien Isolation : Jump scares and intense background music is riddled in the hallways of the spaceship which houses a creature that is out to kill you. Sykmyn grabbed this action-adventure stealth(ish) game on sale over the Christmas break and has been making his way through the ship trying to solve all types of mysteries of space time and beyond. Or youre simple there to recover a flight recorder from Nostromo spacecraft.

17:09 – Warframe: Warframe is a game that has had interested Sykmyn for a while, and since the new year is when all the good games are coming out he had a bit of time to give this third-person, procedurally generated grinder a go. Although initial impressions are good, there’s some question as to the longevity of the action and difficulty of the cooperativeness.

29:47 – Thief: A game that came out during the release period of the Xbox One, Thief is now 2 years into its life and was free for Xbox Lives users in December 2015. Sykmyn tries to overcome some strange design decisions and reminisces on it’s similarities with Assassins Creed and Dishonoured, letting you know if it may still be worth the coin ( for those on PS4 or PC).

40:18 – Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition: Queball is starting a new years resolution to try games he would normally stay clear of. Three Fourths Home is the first Indie title to start the year off on, with the extended edition coming to the Xbox Marketplace. Queball discusses the ups and downs of this hour and half long experience, one which challenges and blends genres in the vain of other similar games like Gone Home, The Beginners Guide and Dear Ester.


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