016 – Redstone, Rally, Rails.


This week we brings along all new titles in our collection with initial impressions on new stories and comparisons to sequels to popular franchises.

 1:12 – Creepers and Zombies are the least of the problems in this Telltale’s tale set in the minecraft universe. Sykmyn walks us through his experience in the first part of this episodic adventure. Minecraft: Story Mode employs the typical point and click style that Telltale brings to their line-up of games, but have they been able to pull off the essence that Mojang has brought the this block building universe?

10:28 – With Rally games being obsolete in the past few years with Dirt 3 being its pre-successor back in 2011 on xbox 360, people were ready for another Rally game to play amongst a market filled with Arcade racers like Need for Speed and simulator titles like Forza, Drive Club and Project cars – but will this fast paced, sizeways experience be enough to scratch that itch? Queball gets behind the wheel and tells you just that!

18:15 – Forza 6 has been out for a month now but it is never to late to jump in on the next iteration of the Forza Racing fun. Que will discuss whats new features like the Booster Card, whats the same like modification system and go into the more unknown aspects relating to Drivertars; a Froza only feature.

27:13 – Quake Live has gone LIVE! … again.. but this time its not free-to-play, but has gained Steam integration and a $9.95 pricetag. We will talk about what this means for new players to the game and what benefit this has provided to the community.


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